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About us

We are a Canadian owned company serving Canadians since 2008. We are the exclusive  Interent/Phone plans re-seller for CIK Telecom and Cannet Telecom in Ottawa area. is our side business. It didn't create a lot revenue at this moment but it make things easier for Ottawa customers to buy something , which is our purpose. Also we believe there is potential for this market. 

If you have any suggestion or idea to improve our service, please feel free to call/SMS 613-780-7300 Andy. Thanks. 

ModemOutlet sells internet plans across Canada (ON/QC/BC/AB/SK/MB). If you're interested, please contact ModemOutlet at 1-800-880-1234 or 613-816-8888 for more information. (Notre ligne francais est 613-307-8888)



SMS / WhatsApp: 416-822-8888

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